data mining

President Donald Trump appeared to boast about his presidential campaign’s social media-cultivating tactics even as Cambridge Analytica, the data mining firm he commissioned, is roiled in controversy.
AI can efficiently search for knock-offs, quickly flagging any potential breaches of copyright and preventing the growth of a black market. It might not seem like that much of a big deal - more stuff on the cheap, eh? - but if measures aren't put in place, the market becomes saturated.
The "sheer horror" in the US over the alleged data mining by the US government of private communications using internet companies
There is a constant deluge of images being uploaded online every second as we speak. On social networks like Facebook and Google+, and online forums like Reddit and 4chan, millions of photos are being uploaded by users who click them with the now ubiquitous smartphone cameras.
The potential in health is absolutely enormous. With free-flowing and reliable data we could better understand the causes of illness, identify the best ways to treat, and eliminate many of the irritating inefficiencies that today seem to just be part of being ill.
Though the economic outlook remains far from positive as yesterday's report on the UK economy clearly shows there has been considerable debate on what the future holds for businesses in the UK.