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The government and regulatory system is failing South Africans when it comes to this struggle to access information.
The bank cited declining levels of productivity as one of the reasons SA's growth will be lower than predicted this year.
"For many this means lost employment and study opportunities, among other losses," tweeted Advocate Thuli Madonsela.
After 22 years of democracy, some people in rural areas have never been connected to the internet in their lifetime.
In Africa, banking the unbanked remains a pressing need. Roughly 700 million people in Africa are financially excluded – denied economic citizenship.
African markets have seen 100 percent growth in terms of viewership in each of the last two years, says YouTube's EMEA Director Ben Wilson.
New sources of work are needed as the youth-to-adult unemployment rate hits historic peaks and average wages remain notably lower in emerging economies.
Some poor communities have to spend as much as 22% of their monthly income just to stay connected to the world. The international norm in 5%.