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Stunt on seafront shows NHS workers pulling a mock-up of a hospital back from falling over the edge.
Claims memorial was 15 yards away from where Corbyn was pictured.
Jim Murphy has taken out a full page advert offering an apology to British Jews.
The Supreme Court's decision is one of the most important victories in UNISON's history. It's also the most significant judicial intervention in the history of British employment and constitutional law. But for many thousands of exploited low-paid staff, it is also the difference between being able to seek justice, or having to put up with exploitation and ill-treatment, even having to find another job elsewhere.
Theresa May and her government have shown through their attacks on working people whose side they are really on. In contrast, the Labour Party's plan places it squarely on the side of working people. For all the Prime Minister's rhetoric, it's Labour who's really on the side of those who are 'just about managing'.
The government provided £2billion in the recent budget for social care, but that's still painfully inadequate when council budgets have been cut so deeply and for so long. Instead what's needed is a long-term funding solution to fix social care for good, and end the cost-cutting that leads to the national scandal of 15 minute care visits and elderly people left alone, frightened, hungry and unwashed.
This year it's more important than ever to make a noise about the real living wage - a wage people can actually afford to live on - and calling on the government to put their money where their legislation is on low pay. Let's see the National Living Wage match the real Living Wage in the years ahead, rather than trying to legislatively undercut the work of campaigners.
Labour is set to become the “new ‘nasty party’” if it doesn’t stop the “toxic” attacks within its ranks, the boss of a Jeremy
I will be voting to remain in Europe, and Unison will be encouraging its 1.3million members to do the same, following a comprehensive survey involving 60,000 of them... That position is something of a change of direction. Our union is not and has never been pro-EU. On the contrary, we've opposed decades of EU treaties - from Maastricht to Lisbon to the EU constitution - and have repeatedly warned against the slow drift towards dogmatic austerity across the continent. We'll continue to make these arguments.