David Beckham H&M

David Beckham posing in his new collection for H&M In the new pics, Becks is looking fabulously dishevelled, posing with
We have no words Clearly it isn't just us who enjoys ogling Becks, though, as back in March he was named the "world's best
David Beckham has been named as the world’s best underwear model by designer Tommy Hilfiger - even though the designer has
David Beckham has challenged his fans to a very tough question - should he keep his pants on or take them off? We think we
Oh, I know what you're thinking. Have I got the right person? The geeky, awkward-looking politician who spent an unfortunate number of years behind some very unforgiving, ardour-shrivelling spectacles? Really? Oh, yes, I'm deadly serious.
3. If you're going to release behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot, it might be a good idea to ask the body double to go
The sight of David Beckham parading around in his pants is a sight we will never tire of seeing (probably). And Becks has
For a style icon, David Beckham sure loves to parade around sans clothes rather a lot and he's at it again in a new shoot
Tourists got a lot more than they bargained for as they explored the rolling hills of LA yesterday - David Beckham was just
Fashion chain H&M have erected three of the statues of Becks to promote the new season of his underwear range which hit stores