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Victoria Beckham has unveiled her husband David’s latest tattoo to the world via Twitter. The former Spice Girl tweeted: “Harper
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Just. How. Adorable? Victoria Beckham posted this gorgeous new shot of David and new baby daughter Harper Seven on Twitter
Victoria Beckham has released a personal family snap to make even the coolest-hearted of observers come over all gooey. The
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David Beckham has long been known for marking important events in his life with a trip to the tattoo parlour, and the arrival
David Beckham's having rather a busy summer - and it's not just because of the arrival of Harper Seven. In addition to changing
The Beckhams' decision to go against the habit of a lifetime and give their child a daft name naturally prompted many jokes on the webosphere, one of which was this: "Harper Seven is how I'd imagine Beckham would announce what time she was born." Nice gag, eh? And the Daily Telegraph> agreed with me, going so far as to include it in this piece on the online reaction to Baby Beckham's name - with a lovely credit to me (for I am @jazzchantoozie on Twitter). My delight at seeing my Twitter handle in the Daily Telegraph was, unfortunately, only surpassed by the mortification I felt when I was alerted to it. Because there was just one small hitch. It wasn't my joke.
He said earlier this week he is learning to be more 'delicate' with new daughter Harper Seven after having three sons with