David Blaine

With this year's series of 'Britain's Got Talent' in full swing, we've been thinking about the show's past offerings. 'BGT
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In which the American illusionist tries to turn the British skeptic into a believer - and finds that the only way to do so
Wondering what Gandalf's been up to in betweenmovies? Wonder no more! It turns out he's gone a bit 'David Blaine' and been
David Blaine has finished what could be called his most electrifying stunt. The illusionist emerged after spending three
Daredevil David Blaine is ready to shock people with a three-day, three-night stunt where he stands in the middle of a million
My first taste of magic was when I was five years old but it didn't really make an impact on me until I saw David Blaine when I was 12. Seeing his TV special gave me an instant epiphany. I wanted to become a magician. I never knew magic could be so personal, so interactive and so cool.
The news that this year’s Turner Prize nominees include a performance artist called Spartacus and a man who fills imaginary