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I was upset. It was the headline: 'David Bowie dead at 69 after secret 18-month battle with cancer'. Because for me it was far too close to home. All I could think of was my Mum, I couldn't help it. The facts were identical.
Last week the world lost a music legend, but David Bowie wasn't just a rock icon - he also liked to have a laugh. So we thought
Special one-off screenings of David Bowie's 'Labyrinth' will be shown in an effort to raise funds for Cancer Research UK
Over the next five, ten, fifteen plus years, lots of rock stars are going to die. This is not a statement of murderous intent, it's just a scientific and mathematic certainty. Some of them will be very famous and universally loved. Some more "niche". But die they will.
A constellation in the shape of a lightening bolt has been named after the late singer David Bowie. The tribute, based on
David Bowie’s family have made their first joint statement since his death, following reports that a private cremation has
David Bowie was a pioneer. The first to embark on a vast array of uncharted turf musically, visually and often philosophically. Chaotic galactic ripples that stem from his work have even influenced exterior forces to bring unimaginable first-time circumstances to bloom, like astronaut Chris Hadfield playing a beautiful acoustic rendition of Space Oddity actually from space. Everything he did, whether it be the execution or the interpretation, was ground-breaking.
I get on the bus to go to work. The news is still buzzing in my head. No, not buzzing. That's not right. My head is numb. Just stillness and silence after the explosion. I listen to Blackstar. It is a completely different album compared to the one I'd listened to the night before.
Madonna paid tribute to David Bowie during one of her live shows, calling him a “genius” and “one of the greatest singer
David Bowie will be remembered for many things by many people. But for me, I'll always remember him as the person who taught me that there didn't have to be one face I chose.