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But the PM still thinks the Republican is 'stupid'
Read more on The Huffington Post George Papadopoulos, a foreign policy adviser to Tump, told The Times the prime minister
Angela Merkel's quasi-state visit to the UK was a long awaited affair. Her speech to the joint houses of parliament offered something for everyone. For the committed Europhiles, she re-asserted her commitment to a strong and united Europe...
As voters grit their teeth and reluctantly recognise that Britain's unsustainable deficit and public spending must be cut, there is no desire to open a new spending front to facilitate a new internationalism. Our own politicians, whatever their party, have begun to understand what Mr Andor and his colleagues refuse to do: he should therefore expect the same fate as his alma mater and the system that sustained it.
Ministers do not make any impact on policy and are reshuffled for purely cosmetic reasons, the country’s top civil servant
George Osborne has warned the Conservative Party that it risks losing reelection if it fails to support gay marriage and
I think the reason is because we worry too much about the Lib Dems and we have left the reform proposals too long in their hands.
Europe faces the potential break-up of the single currency unless it takes urgent action to deal with the euro crisis, David
Controversial "snooping" proposals and plans for more court hearings in secret will go ahead "allowing no scrutiny for them
David Cameron has accused Alex Salmond of being "chicken" for wanting to hold a referendum on Scottish Independence in 2014