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Co-operation and trading on mutually beneficial terms are things we should preserve. The march towards standardisation and one size fits all solutions for a vastly disparate continent must come to an end, however. We cannot continue to sacrifice the prospects of Europe's young on the altar of this failing political experiment.
In the aftermath of Angela Merkel's visit, David Cameron's European strategy stands revealed as, at best, an ill thought out sham, at worst, a cynical confidence trick. Dave was all over Merkel like an Italian gigolo... She presented her cheek prettily enough. And, er, that's it.
Britain leaving the European Union would "harm business interests", a major survey of UK businesses has found. Over half
Vince Cable has poured scorn on prime minister David Cameron's plans to claw back significant powers from Brussels to Britain
If David Cameron expected voters to respect him for firming up his commitment to a referendum on the European Union, YouGov’s latest polling for The Times will disappoint him. Most Britons, including a majority of those who voted Conservative in 2010, think he is acting out of tactical calculation rather than because he feels deeply about the issue.
Tory grandee Lord Heseltine has turned on David Cameron, warning the PM against taking a “punt” by holding a referendum on
Tory backbenchers today set out a "shopping list" of powers they want David Cameron to reclaim from the European Union. A
David Cameron is facing renewed backbench disquiet over the European Union after he tried and failed to satisfy Conservative
David Cameron will today urge a big push for jobs, growth and trade across Europe at another EU summit overshadowed by the
Three million jobs could be at risk if Britain does not stay at the heart of Europe, leading businessmen have suggested. In