Ed Miliband tried to mock David Cameron at Prime Minister's Questions over his apparent reluctance to back Labour's proposal
Ed Balls has been accused by the Tories of "total hypocrisy" after his window cleaner admitted that the Labour frontbencher
David Cameron has dismayed Tory backbenchers after ditching plans for a cap on the number of European migrants coming to
David Cameron will break his promise to reduce red tape for businesses by the end of this Parliament, according to an independent
Nick Clegg's bid to woo voters with a distinct Liberal Democrat vision has been awkwardly undermined by a poll suggesting
David Cameron's speech to Conservative activists at his party's last conference before the general election, promising £7.2
If the Ian Dury classic was performed by the Prime Minister, it might go something like this... (Made for HuffPost UK Comedy
David Cameron has admitted that it would "take time" for Britons to "really feel" the economic recovery as the improving
In his speech to the Conservative party conference, David Cameron spoke for over 50 minutes but he said very little. No policies to deal with the huge cost of living crisis that has left people on average nearly £1,500 a year worse off since the General Election. For most people it must seem like Cameron is not so much trying to "finish the job", but finish them off.
Like the tantric treat it had been billed as, David Cameron's EU speech finally came this morning. Much-anticipated, historic