David Campbell Bannerman

David Campbell Bannerman warns of people 'working undemocratically against the UK'.
The papers this week are vicious in their damnation of the so-called 'Deal' from the EU. This supposed triumph of reform has been derided in colourful terms from a 'joke' or 'illusion' to 'polishing poo'. Far from a triumph, the deal is a presentational disaster, far worse than Downing Street could ever have imagined.
This chance to renegotiate our relationship with the EU is a once in a generation opportunity to deliver a better future for Britain. So we will make no apologies for setting the bar high. For those who want to see the UK remain in the EU, the package had to be saleable to the British people, as they have the power now.
Ukip's policy chief has been forced to resign after reportedly failing to finish the party's election manifesto on time. Tim
Nigel Farage has been attacked by Ukip's former deputy leader for failing to "create a serious political party" by neglecting
Ukip's new "blue-collar platform", offering policies like raising the point at which the 40p rate income tax kicks in to
There has been a lot of talk on the Left of late about what should be done with those wicked right wingers who dare to question the extent of man's contribution to climate change. Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett called for all government ministers and advisors who question man's contribution to climate change (even those without an environment brief) to be sacked...
Ukip's then chief party spokesman and parliamentary candidate Nigel Farage speaking at the launch of the 2010 manifesto...which