David Crystal

Judge a book by its cover, always. A picturesque jacket enveloping a creamy hardback, with publication details in turquoise
Punctuation has triggered some of the most heated arguments ever arisen in the English usage throughout its history. Whilst
Etymology and words are not merely a lexicologist's care but can become a healthy passion for everyone. The Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary is one of those treasure books that give you wings. It is a compulsory volume in every home.
In 2014, Pan Macmillan published You Say Potato - a book on English accents by Ben Crystal and David Crystal. It was complemented
If I were to choose one word to describe the Oxford Illustrated Shakespeare Dictionary, it would be - beautiful. This is
I may as well be a biased reviewer of David Crystal's books given that Words in Time and Place is the 30th book by the author
No less valuable are the helpful directions at the end of each chapter on how to get to the places by the most convenient and time-saving route.
The recent decades, however, have witnessed an increase in the publication of popular books on academic subjects. "Popular" does not, of course, mean "shallow" or something. A book can be in effect an in-depth academic research but written in a style that will attract wider audiences other than fellow academics...
Not many people know of John Bradburne - not as many as should, since he is probably the most prolific English poet. But
We all love a well-written book with some magic in it that would collect our minds into its pages and let us soar beyond