david davies

He accused some of trying to 'stop legitimate political debate'.
A Conservative MP who was one of the leading Brexit campaigners in Wales has criticised people for “exaggerating” the spike
To listen to some Brexit leaders and supporters, reacting to the High Court judgement on Parliament having a say on Article 50, is to imagine that the law and democracy in this country stopped the second the EU referendum vote was done.
We have to leave the EU - but we don't actually have to do it in such a damaging way as these people appear to want. It will all be about how we negotiate our exit - what the new relationship with the EU will be.
"We keep them safe by keeping their faces discrete and their identities secret”
The Home Secretary has defended keeping the identify of child refugees secret, after a row over the apparent age of child
'I appreciate Mr Morgan has strong views on the issue of refugees, which are doubtless shared by his many celebrity friends.'
 Gary Lineker, who has been castigated on Friday for his comments on child refugees, called Davies “your quintessential bully
He commented that some young refugees 'don't look like children'.