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David Cameron's commitment to spend 0.7% of GDP on overseas aid is "nonsense", according to a senior Tory backbencher. David
Andrew Mitchell will have a difficult time as Chief Whip after a row over whether he called Downing Street police officers
Tory MPs need to "kill" David Cameron in order to win back support from the public, Nadine Dorries has said. The outspoken
The two big beasts of the Tory right, David Davis and Liam Fox, issued a challenge to David Cameron on Tuesday morning when
Disquiet at the continued economic malaise has spread to Tory ranks; David Davis delivered a withering assessment of the Coalition's record on economic growth and employment, and proposed a series of reforms to address the failings he identified. Rather like the most famous feline in physics, Davis was utterly right in the former whilst being utterly misguided in the latter - a masterful feat indeed.
Senior Tory MP David Davis has launched a not-so-coded attack on George Osborne's growth strategy, saying that the UK was
The collapse of the ministerial careers of Davis and Fox show the stark influence Cameron's reshuffle will have. Lyndon Johnson once said of J. Edgar Hoover that 'it's probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in'. Giving an increased number of new MPs a stake in the coalition government's future looks set to be the wisest feature of this upcoming reshuffle.
Despite warnings from digital rights groups, privacy advocates and experts in the tech world, the government has gone ahead with their plans for blanket surveillance measures on the internet, including controversial practices such as deep packet inspection.
Ever since Cameron won the party leadership over David Davis in 2005, he has tried vigorously to press home the point that in the eyes of so many people across the United Kingdom The Tory Party was the symbol of Mass Unemployment, Disregard for the vulnerable and strained relationships with ethnic minorities.
David Cameron and his cabinet are increasingly viewed by working and middle classes as out of touch "toffs" who do not understand