David Hockney

Whether it's explaining the purpose of art sat outside the Eiffel Tower or growling at anyone who believes Andy Warhol was
In response to the kid who defined a haiku in a haiku recently, I've translated a few stories from around The Huffington Post UK.
Hermoine Granger's beloved Crookshanks, Bill Sikes' bull terrier Bulls-eye, Fern Arable from Charlotte's Web and her pig
Mercedes and Ian Stoutzker have donated a collection to the Tate A collection of modern art has been given to the nation
The Queen will meet David Hockney for the second time in two days during a trip to the Royal Academy of Arts today. The artist
A record-breaking show of Lucian Freud paintings will open until midnight for three days to cope with unprecedented visitor
Your guide to the unmissable art around the UK, brought to you with ArtFinder. This month... London. New exhibitions: Damien
Source: ArtFinder Back in January, inspired by David Hockney, we attempted to create an artwork on the iPad – with, it must
It's a good job art isn’t a particularly tribal pursuit, or Picasso and British Modern Art would be a pretty devastating
David Hockney has agreed to a short visit as he supervises installation of his much anticipated landscape exhibition, opening at London's Royal Academy of Arts today (21 January). Not long after the Queen appointed him to the Order of Merit, we sip tea in a private Royal Academy office, looking out on another wet, cold London afternoon.