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The British MP said during the phone-in: "This is not a joke".
Politicians in 'More United' network will work together on homelessness, poverty, mental health and climate change.
No doubt some are xenophobic but, living in Berlin, I'm well aware of how Nazism devastated Europe beyond recognition – and its victims deserve better than your edgy tweets
"When people start saying things like this, you realise they have lost all sense of proportion."
Former Tory deputy prime minister says targeting "foreigners and the elite" has a "chilling appeal".
He suggested the group was giving cover 'for thugs on the ground'.
MPs Clive Lewis and David Lammy join film director Mike Leigh for new 'Let Us Vote' campaign.
The incident is alleged to have happened on Saturday morning.
The ardent Brexiteer is in hot water over his post about Germany's controversial party.