David Rutley

Tonight's vote on the Government's Charter for Budget Responsibility should have been a rare bipartisan moment for the Conservatives and Labour to come together for the good of the economy and the country. A mere two weeks ago, it looked like it would be.
Last time, I discussed the need for the NHS to differentiate between 'treatment' and 'care'. In the last week, three stories have emerged to support this view
If we can spread our positive vision of a reformed Europe in a global economy, EU reform will not just be possible, it will be unstoppable. By showing our neighbours what we can achieve domestically with deregulatory reform, we are leading by example. And if they don't follow? That will make any in/out referendum very interesting indeed.
Around one in seven Brits are now their own boss. First-time entrepreneurs abound, and the opportunity for them to become first-time employers is being improved with such initiatives as the new annual £2,000 Employers National Insurance Allowance. But how can we encourage more of them to become first-time exporters?
What a boost it would be for more of the growing army of self-employed to become small employers. While the number of self-employed with no employees has increased, the number of self-employed with a small number of employees has not kept pace. In the past, the focus has been more on encouraging people to become self-employed and less on taking the next step to being micro-employers. There is an opportunity to further liberate the self-employed from barriers to growth and nudge everyday entrepreneurs into being everyday employers. The prize is stronger, more sustainable economic growth.