David Threlfall

Veteran writer Tony Jordan admits that his first version of ‘The Ark’, debuting on BBC One this evening, didn’t include the
Forget about the millions missing Top Gear, the BBC are expecting record viewing figures for another programme next Monday (March 30): a made-for-television film about the life of Noah, with David Threlfall playing the lead role and moving from shameless to righteous.
When Tommy Cooper died on stage 30 years ago this week, it was the beloved comic's trademark express - 'Just like that' - his
Creepy drama 'Whatever Remains' proved that, while we can be in constant computer contact with someone the other side of
The final episode of 'What Remains' found Detective Harper (David Threlfall) actually waking up in dead Melissa's bed, even
This was the penultimate episode of 'What Remains', and the red herrings were flying thick and fast as Detective Harper (gravelly
Any self-respecting TV crime drama writer these days knows it's not enough any more just to leave us guessing who dunnit
David Threlfall is set to play comedian Tommy Cooper in a new ITV drama. The Shameless star has signed up to star as the