David Willets

Vince Cable has "let down" universities by failing to stop home secretary Theresa May's net migration cap, which has caused
This isn't simply about the 235 Sussex staff losing their jobs, but the insidious, unaccountable nature of political decision making about universities. Pause to think for a moment how the flagship Tory mantra "There Is No Alternative" specifically discourages debate about the absent merits of their radical restructuring programme.
Sean Penn has been branded an "idiot" by war veteran Simon Weston for his attack on Britain's claim to the Falkland Islands
Universities minister David Willetts is due to land in the Falkland Islands on Thursday, in a move that is sure to raise
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- "Traditional" A-level subjects should be valued more highly in the race for university places, a Government
The government's claim that its top priority is to increase social mobility has been undermined by a damning report by a
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The Government has been asked about future plans for sending humans into space. Steve Brine, Conservative