David Willetts

The problems within the higher education system are multiple, and these need to be considered if we are to expect students to willingly put themselves in three times more debt. The pool of 18-year-old with the financial support to go to university on a whim without a concern for its relative value will be vastly reduced.
Speculation the controversial Higher Education Bill proposing private universities has been dropped is mounting after the
Unpaid student debts could cost the taxpayer around £9bn a year, a report released on Sunday revealed. According to research
A new breed of university to focus on science and technology has been touted by David Willetts to make Britain "the best
Universities are experiencing a late surge in applications for courses starting in September, according to official figures
David Willetts will announce a plan to create a new form of privately financed universities in a speech on Wednesday morning
David Willetts has an opinion on what the idea of the university is, but when he agreed to come and share this view at Cambridge University, he was denied the chance to speak. Within seconds of stepping up to the podium, Willetts was met with an angry mass counter-speech from Cambridge Defend Education.
Women are outshining their male counterparts at university, leading to claims intelligent women are unable to find equal
The number of people starting apprenticeships this year has risen by more than half compared to 2010, figures show. Of the
Nearly one in 10 A-level students have been put off applying to university while many more potential students admit they