davos man

As predicted with many Asian and American politicians staying home, European leaders like punch drunk boxers who have gone too many rounds occupied centre stage, but many others seemed little interested in their troubles: the consensus at the start of the meeting, that the Euro will survive after all but Europe will be a low growth region for the foreseeable future, held.
As a veteran, I have learned that Davos is a kitchen out of which, given time, dishes come that do make the main menu.
At a session on European competitiveness yesterday the starkness of Europe's future was clearly exposed. A chart was shown that showed US per capita income steadily pulling way ahead of Europe's which has now been overtaken by South Korea.
Davos has started. And the search is on again for what will be the defining new wisdom to emerge from this year's rash of seminars, lectures, parties and closed meetings in the Swiss mountain town.