dawn o'porter

Dawn O’Porter has given birth to her second son. The TV presenter shared a photo of her newborn wearing a bodysuit with a
'Chris would have been disappointed if it hadn’t happened.'
Dawn O’Porter revealed she wasn’t always sure that she wanted to become a mum. The pregnant 38-year-old, who is mum to two
'I hope your 2017 is going really well. Mine certainly is.'
Downpour will wipe out the field. Beds will be drenched in mud, the air so cold the children wont sleep, the conditions so hideous the parents will fear for their families lives. I was impressed by the positivity and the drive, but all I could think was how the fuck these people will survive the winter?
When you think of Dawn O'Porter you think of a short, heavily-fringed bob and signature sixties style - that means dropped
We are facing a global crisis, with over 60million people displaced from their homes (more than any time since World War II), and whilst Germany welcomes 30,000 Syrian refugees with banners and cheers, Britain, one of the richest countries in the world, reluctantly pledges to take in just 500. How has it taken the image of a dead child, face down in the sand, for so many people to realise they have a heart? The pictures of poor little Kiyiya VuranInsanlik were heart wrenching, but maybe the saddest part of it is how many young lives have been lost that seemingly had no impact at all. That's the harshest tragedy imaginable. It's time to take action and stop this.
Chris O'Dowd's star is sailing so high above other mere luminaries, we'd be forgiven for not being able to see it any more
The nations interest in all things vintage is on the up, the popularity of shows like Dawn O'Porter's This Old Thing prove our love does not seem to be waining. From shabby chic furniture, to 40s style tea parties and the ever popular burlesque movement, it would seem us brits are yearning to be taken back to a simpler time.
As we've established dear readers, my affinity to something with a little bit of history knows no bounds. Show me an old tea dress in cracking condition and I'm interested. Give me a little provenance to that dress and I'm going over like a puppy on wet lino, tongue swinging in the breeze.....