Dawn Porter

Lovable Irish actor Chris O'Dowd unveils his latest big screen offering on Wednesday, this time playing a hapless talent
Remember, there's no such thing as "delete" in social media!
Trolling hurts, it hurts bad. The worst thing about trolling? When people say 'it's part of the job' when you're in the public eye.
I think London being named the most unfriendly city for dogs is really sad, with a little bit of compromise by some establishments, man and dog really can be best friends.
Apparently celebland has a one-in one-out marriage policy. As Russell and Katy exited, Chris O'Dowd and Dawn Porter announced
Something must be in the air this past couple of weeks as celeb couples have been getting engaged left, right and centre
When I imagine my boyfriend being the best father any child could wish for it warms me. I just need to stay focused on the child, because he has already said quite firmly that I am not allowed another cat.
The thing with friendships is that they level out. They stay still for years and exist as a given. That is the nice thing about them, they just 'are'. You come and go from them, spending time together but then spending time apart and it just remains as is.
I don't think all women should get along, and I have no problem with women slagging each other off - I am no angel, I do it all the time. But I do think that as feminism is having a golden moment and there is a chance it might really go somewhere this time
I have been thinking a lot about luck lately. And after the past few days that saw the streets of our country ransacked by vicious, fire cracking, looting scumbags I have been thinking about it all the more. When I woke up this morning and realised I still had all of my fingers and that my house was still standing, I felt lucky.