Day Zero

Cape Town's drought has broken, and the city appears safe from Day Zero through 2019. But we are very far from being out of the woods regarding water...
Gisela Kaiser, the City of Cape Town’s executive director for water and waste, said this had brought home just how expensive desalination could be as a water source.
"While this is good news... The City urges residents to continue saving water."
There is a new phrase in Cape Town's lexicon: Day Zero injuries.
It is through efforts like these that Cape Town has been able to so drastically reduce its water usage and forestall the threat of Day Zero.
April rainfall should tell us whether enough rain will fall this year to avoid Day Zero scenario in 2019, say UCT scientists.
Unperturbed by his unanswered prayers for rain in Cape Town, Angus Buchan is convinced that his "It's Time" gathering this weekend will be blessed with rain.
This year's World Water Day theme is "Nature for Water" to encourage people to "look for the answer in nature".
"Unfortunately, usage has increased by 54 million litres per day from last week's record low of 511 million litres per day."
When's Day Zero? The new cartoon book for 50 percent of the adults in Cape Town.