Daylight Savings time

Signalling the start of the darker winter months, October also brings the changing of the clocks. This month the clocks will
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Do you know why we turn the clocks backwards and forwards every year? We all thought it was something to do with farmers
Twice a year the country goes through the panic of resetting its timepieces as the clocks jump forwards (and backwards) by
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More than 60% of Britons are opposed to turning the clocks back, with almost half saying they feel "more depressed" in the
'Saving Daylight' by putting the clocks back makes about as much sense as 'saving money' by spending all you have in the
"It is no secret that Tories in the south want to leave Scotland in darkness, but fixing the clocks to British summertime
The government is considering sponsoring a private members bill to abolish daylight saving time. However the move is controversial