The nauseating Trump/Brexit mashup headline, courtesy of the Daily Star, no doubt had many backwards thinking Brexiteers waving their union jack flags and 'Go Home' placards in obvious joy.
So other than avocadoes, hummus, kebabs, bus drivers, nurses, doctors, traffic wardens, cleaners, childcare, football, Eurovision, taxi drivers, scam emails, Bollywood, paving, yoga, tennis, rhythm, KFC, McDonalds, back stabbing knives, less racism, carnival, clean toilets, curry, money, telemarketers, what have the immigrants ever done for us? Nothing.
I first realised that the odds for Remain were about to plummet when i was campaigning for Labour on council estates in Peckham
We have a real opportunity to reform the EU and to ensure that democracy works to serve the people it is meant to, so long as we are courageous enough to face our uncertain future. Article 50 is the final weapon in our battle to reform the EU - and one I hope we never have to use.
No-one was going to be surprised by a Remain vote. Not the pollsters, the many experts, the Government. Instead we've had a sense of national shock, an excitable flapping in the media, outraged calls for legal challenges and a new referendum. Voting for a risky future isn't something that's supposed to happen.