As soon as you step in that door, put the kettle on. Add a biscuit for extra good luck.  5. Water your plants.  While your
Pick up a women's or men's magazine and the dominant features will be appearance, nutrition, fitness, work, sex and romance. We want to be strong, fit, healthy and attractive and enjoy our work and love life. We want them and expect them to go right, but we can be in for disappointments when they don't go according to plan. We need a Plan B: a fit mind to back us up.
This mind is always making noise - more so when we are not talking. To develop silence of the mind, initially you need a quiet place. Then listen to your mind without expressing any opinion to confuse the matter.
Having one of those days when it feels like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? A new website has
When you're stressed out and wound up, yoga can help you to unwind - both physically and mentally. This flowing routine is
Yoga and meditation might help to bust your daily stresses, but there's something far better (and far cuter) that can beat
Meditation is not a religion. Nor is it a tradition involving levitation while sitting cross-legged on the floor pretending to be an all-knowing master of the universe. Meditation, sometimes disguised as boredom, slows our breath, lowers our heart rate, relaxes our mind and provides space for self-exploration while restoring our natural energy.
We returned home and I confined the dog to the back garden as I raided the fridge for the solution to my woes and pulled on a raincoat to protect me from the Prince of Darkness's pong. Feeling he was being abandoned or expecting what might happen next, he started howling.
If you work in a stressful environment practice anchoring yourself in your own energy without getting drawn in to other peoples. Don't waste time trying to control people, focus your attention on your own energy.