dealing with anxiety

Last week I did the nursery run on my own for the first time.
Unless you've suffered, mental illness can be very difficult to explain to outsiders, even your family and friends. My blogs aim to try and express those feelings as best as I can in hope that they will break down stigma, open conversation and allow more people to understand. This blog is about the very common, but debilitating condition of anxiety.
In my own personal experiences as a coach, changing the perception or story of the situation which creates the anxiety can be very effective. So often we forget where the anxiety came from in the first place.
This time of year can be brilliant fun, but occasionally can also be just a little bit stressful, what with buying gifts, cooking elaborate dinners or perhaps simply being thrown together with relatives you do not see very often for long periods of time.
I found myself just crying for no real reason, I couldn't sleep, I'd often wake up with tears streaming down my face and I found it really difficult to articulate what was going on. Mortality had smacked me in face again and at least some part of me felt shattered, whether that be my loss of innocence, my sense of who I was, my view on time, my view on what next.