death penalty debate

Republican Representative Paul Ray introduced the bill to the Utah State Capitol Other states using the death penalty have
Execution by whatever method can't ever be free of such unintended consequences, and denying their impact on the death penalty debate merely amplifies the suffering that the original crime began.
Perhaps a unique way of getting at the answer to this question - what our true consumption desires are - is to examine what people choose to eat for their last meal. What would you choose to eat if all concerns over your body image, cholesterol and mortality were removed completely?
European leaders have called on the US, Japan and other nations to "completely abolish" the death penalty, calling the penalty
The UK is to ban the export of the drug propofol, a heavy-duty anaesthetic, which is to be used in the United States for
Capital punishment discourse is complex and not reducible to an opinion poll or law and order debate, it is farther reaching than that and has the capability to effect the fundamental power dynamic between individuals and the government.
The rope tempts us to think of simple solutions to complicated questions of crime and punishment. Let it also bring us to a discussion of better ways to reform, punish and protect.