Increasingly often I have days where my usual concerns begin to appear trivial. International Women's day last week was one of those days. So called 'first world' female problems, such as VAT on tampons, reforming maternity leave, men still opening doors for women, are put into perspective when across the world women are frequently denied so many basic human rights.
Two people have been arrested outside Cambridge University's Union Society building where Dominique Strauss-Kahn was controversially
Today, all over the world, thousands of events are taking place to mark the 101st International Women's Day (IWD).
It seems that the word "vagina" can finally - in 2012 - come out of the closet
This weekend Nicole Farhi spoke out against fashion houses that pay celebrities to sit on the front of their shows, calling
The nation is blessed with many exceptional historical minds, and it would be surely a better thing to call on expertise when relevant to a particular subject, and substitute Dr Starkey for a less aggressive scholar when looking for broader historical analysis.
In my previous post I was opposing being referred to as an angry feminist and the effects this can have on the movement. On the contrary, at least referring to someone as an angry feminist implies some awareness and dialogue with the doctrine.
So Rihanna has reunited in song with her ex-boyfriend - and America's most celebrated girlfriend-beater - Chris Brown.
I am not the first feminist blogger to write about the 'f' word and the hostile reaction it can receive. I am with Sarah
For the past three years, Debate Mate has begged to differ, focusing on "how amazing" children are, and investing in them now to make sure they have every opportunity of becoming the leaders of the future. And now we're starting to see evidence of them taking on responsibility at their schools too.