Debating Matters Beyond Bars was something positive to focus on with real meaning and purpose. I have no proof that this will have an impact on the rehabilitative agenda and reduce reoffending rates. However, I am certain that there needs to be a concerted effort to provide more opportunities like ours to remind them that their voices do matter.
A teenager from a state school in Hackney has been selected to debate for the English national team alongside pupils from
One wonders why the world insists on re-visiting Rwanda's violent past when it has such a promising future. To be sure, we must never forget, which is why last night's touching service was so important. Today though, when I think of Rwanda, I think of Joyce, Bruce, and Victor, and celebrate the victory of a bright future over a dark past.
On the 24th January, members of the Durham Union Society voted against the motion "This House Believes Feminists Are All Too Often Sexists In Disguise" after speeches from Mike Buchanan, Swayne O'Pie, Cindy Gallop and Julie Bindel.
However, it is with only cautious optimism that I welcome the shadow Education Secretary's proposals. This is because it appears his only motivation for supporting debate lessons in state schools is to ensure that private schools do not have an unfair advantage.
The protesters just don't fancy having Julian welcomed by their Union. He can do what he wants elsewhere, just not in our backyard, okay? In this sense, the argument boils down to a folksy, everyday problem. Would you want Julian Assange round for dinner?
I'm one of the organisers of the London Philosophy Club. We're one of hundreds of self-organised ideas and discussion groups that have mushroomed all over the world in the last 10 years.
Why is debating such a great mechanism for improvement for children of such a young age? Debate Mate, whose core work is in secondary schools across the UK, asked just such a question of themselves when considering the future expansion of their primary schools' programme.
State school pupils should be given lessons in debating and interview techniques to improve their speaking skills, the shadow
Peter Andre is to follow in his ex-wife's footsteps and appear at Oxford University, after Katie Price wowed students and