Advantages of a global carbon cap and trade system include the great flexibility with which it allows countries to meet their cap. Global ratification will ensure there is no "leakage" of emissions to countries not party to the agreement. However, the scope of these regulatory instruments is still limited in practice.
The attempts to assign blame for the current flooding in Britain have become disproportionate in comparison to the more important task of addressing how to respond to a rapidly changing climate.
Whether man-made climate change is occurring or not, there are few who would argue against a move towards low-carbon energy generation. One way or another, carbon emissions must be cut. Forget the tired anti-nuclear rhetoric and the ridiculous claims that a Fukushima-style disaster could hit the UK. Third generation nuclear is the way forward and the new reactors planned at Hinkley Point are the first step in the right direction.
Brixton Energy, a London-based community energy co-operative, formally launched their first 'Solar 1' project this week. This
Climate change is one of those subjects that is awash with data, leading to an almost endless capacity for analysis and ultimately conclusion drawing.