On our recent holiday the beautiful sea-view we'd admired online definitely didn't disappoint but the constant loud clunking
Regret is one of the most painful feelings any of us can experience. It hurts because regret is, more often than not, based on our own choices and not external events. We can't fix it in retrospect and it's hard to know what the catalyst will be. As Kurt Vonnegut put it, the saddest words anyone can say are 'It might have been.'
When was the last time you made a decision that turned out not to be among the best you have ever made?
They are terminally disinterested in the way things have always been done.
It makes a difference if you pay attention to yourself and start choosing to let go, be more positive and be kinder to yourself (and others, of course).
I choose not to set up camp living in the past so all I can do is take that experience and make sure I don't repeat my mistakes in the future. That relationship taught me so much about the importance of speaking up and vocalising my wants and opinions even if it does not please others or makes me less liked.
Let's say you are faced with a tough problem. It could be at work or in your social life. You have wrestled with it for a while and now you have to make a decision. I recommend that you try using the three by three method.
I have always loved animals. When I was at primary school I was unable to reach the front entrance without stopping to remove imperilled earthworms from the pavement and safely return them to soil. Even as a teenager, on summer holidays in France I was more concerned with patrolling the swimming pool for drowning insects than tanning myself on a lounger.
I'm thinking of getting a divorce. This will come as a huge surprise to most of my closest friends. Not least because I have
Selling out - we all enter college hoping to change the world. By Christmas of final year, we all have traineeships in big firms. At what point, did we sell out? Did we realise we sold out? Is this even selling out or is just looking out for yourself?