Defence Select Committee

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It's been slammed as a 'retrograde step' by a leading health charity.
Members of the public are unable to submit any petitions to Parliament this summer thanks to Tory MPs. Conservative backbenchers
Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has been dubbed “stupid” by the House of Commons Speaker as the row raged over the Trident
Just five years ago we had a Strategic Defence and Security Review which proposed armed forces configured for an age of austerity when most of the threats we faced were, at the very least, containable. We were pulling out of an expensive war in Afghanistan... Just five years later we live in a very different world.
A blunt and bleak report from the Defence select committee, headed by Rory Stewart MP, has thrown an intellectual hand grenade into British discussion about the dangers of Daish, whose innovative barbarity has been amplified by the immolation of a Jordanian pilot.
MPs, many of whom once struggled to place Kurdistan on a map, are better informed and understand that Kurds are efficient allies in the common fight against Daish. This is eroding the deep resistance to involvement in Iraq, which came to be defined as a disaster of the first magnitude, and maybe Syria.
In our report published today, we concluded that, at the end of UK operations in Afghanistan in 2014, the best the UK will be able to do is to withdraw in good order and engage with external partners to improve Afghanistan's future prospects.
Labour MP and defence select committee member Thomas Docherty spent much of last week in the Falkland Islands, visiting the