dementia tax

Labour says looming crisis is being kicked into the long grass.
The government has quietly delayed the publication of a green paper on social care funding. Initially expected this autumn
Voters have revealed the top issues that made them change their minds about which party to vote for in the general election
Good care in people's own homes or community settings is vital for the proactive management of long-term conditions, which by default then reduces additional physical or mental health problems, promotes wellbeing, enables people to continue using or to regain as many life-skills as possible, keeps families united and provides dignified support to all who need it.
We know as a new government forms, Brexit will demand much of the attention. But if politicians don't listen to the voices of the 850,000 people in the UK with dementia now we will never reach a day when a diagnosis is free from unjust financial punishment. Public outcry has shown the electorate is united against dementia and won't let this issue lie.
The message from the government is loud and clear: this is your fault and you are going to pay for it... May's Britain is a country where the lucky prosper and the unlucky, ill and vulnerable suffer. Make sure you are on the right side.
The big picture today is that Theresa May is proposing to significantly change our social care system to increase the volume of care people receive and is asking people with housing wealth to pay more for it. That marks the end of an era both for the Conservative Party and possibly for the wider politics of intergenerational fairness.