So what happened to us as we evolved from shaggy haired Cold War rioters to studious devotees to our laptops? We know more, we appear to be more independent politically as seen in the diverse reaction to Thatcher's death, surely we should be more politically active?
We all know Wednesday's #Demo2012 was a bit of a washout - and yes, before you protest, we're talking about the weather. Bleak
In contrast to the violent 2010 student demonstration in London, Wednesday’s mass march in the capital passed off peacefully
The National Union of Students' vice president has apologised for suggesting "offensive" chants for Wednesday's student protest
With the NUS-sponsored student demonstration in London this week, the words 'student protest' and 'tuition fees' are set to become media buzzwords once more. For some however, they are not merely a news item or Twitter trend, but rather something altogether more important and fundamental.
A group of students is dismissing plans for a peaceful protest and threatening to march on parliament, after describing the
As I was finishing secondary school, I remember numerous discussions in my home about how we would be able to fund going to college and being a full-time student. Luckily, we found out that we qualified for the EMA scheme. My family lived from week to week, and that £30 was totally significant and at times helped pay electric, gas and for other essentials.
For many years, student demonstrations have been characterised simply as marches against tuition fees, but this year's protest
The London route students will march during the November protests to "stand up for their future" has been revealed by the