Democratic Alliance

I’m not sure if Mr Maimane is aware of this, but Israel has a monopoly on human rights violations and an utter disregard for international law.
We may be far from the United States and Western Europe, but we are not immune to the effects of the recent waves of populism sweeping the world.
If it isn't stolen, then why should it concern us how people spend their money?
Claim is 'disappointing'
At this point the new public protector has strained even the most generous interpretation of her actions.
Because let's face it, it's going to keep happening until her party reins her in.
Zille asked: “Why is it ok to racially classify people for jobs, but not to identify people at a table by their race?” Here's why.
Worse, there's a "social media gestapo" within the party that watches everyone else like hawks, says the former youth leader.
Deputy Judge President Phineas Mojapelo could not say when the full bench would give its ruling.
Last month, the Constitutional Court dismissed the party's application for direct access to challenge the decision.