Democratic Alliance

The Public Protector has released her findings into allegations of a violation of the executive member's ethics code by Minister Lynne Brown.
"I love the DA, and am committed to building a better future for SA with a party I love," van Damme said after announcing her resignation.
Mmusi Maimane takes political control of "our respective governments' responses to the situation" and assembles a #DefeatDayZero team on the water crisis.
"There are different factors [that] play a role in this crisis, but from my experience, the DA are not carrying the blame for this."
The report accuses De Lille of abusing her power as mayor to ensure the appointments of those she favours.
A profile of the Cape Town mayor reveals a political survivor – from shop steward to becoming the first woman to lead a South African political party.
The federal executive has resolved that the mayor be formally charged and investigated by the party’s federal legal commission.
The infighting and decision by the federal executive comes as Cape Town officials grapple to deal with the worst drought in more than a hundred years.
Ongoing conflict in the political and administrative arenas plus the effects of the drought could be 'a toxic mix' to sink the DA's 2019 election prospects.
The levy, which will be tabled by the city's council for consideration at the end of January, was proposed by the city's DA-run administration in December.
De Lille has hit back saying this was another attack on her which had to do with "power and positions".
Reports say party's metro caucus in Cape Town has recommended De Lille be removed as mayor.
The DA's James Selfe said the NPA's Shaun Abrahams is expected to respond to their request on Friday.
The DA sent out an email to supporters titled "We could lose Jozi".
This after Jacques Pauw's "The President's Keepers" implicated the chief spook in the running of a parallel intelligence network.
"The DA have… asked the court to direct the President to confirm…the total amount spent on all legal costs," said DA MP James Selfe.
The DA's shadow minister Of police tells HuffPost SA the moving story of how he came out of the closet.
More than 20 states have passed legislation in the last 15 years to ban or significantly reduce plastic shopping bags use.
Politics is my blood. Since the turn of the last century, successive generations of Cachalias have evinced an unbroken record of service to this country.