Democratic Republic of Congo

A British soldier is facing possible execution in the Democratic Republic of Congo, charged over the death of his cellmate
Three terror attacks in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been repulsed by the country's army - including one on the
The 'declarations', which are separate but contain essentially the same points, were supposed to be signed earlier this month, but this was delayed because of disagreement about the title of the document.
Torn apart by 20 years of conflict, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is one of the most violence-stricken parts of the world. In a region with colossal economic potential, many armed groups regularly engage in fighting with devastating consequences for the local populations...
In the longer term, peace in DRC also requires its government to undertake effectively and in good faith its commitments under this framework, including key structural governance and security sector reforms, and create the conditions for the national oversight mechanism to function effectively...
© Electoral Commission - Victor the Voter With the next general election approaching in 2015, the race is on to see who will
Last week I was detained in the Democratic Republic of Congo. My crime? Taking a photograph of a vegetable stall. Taking photos is officially illegal in Congo, though the law does not count for much here...
Sexual violence has been a central feature of the conflicts that have raged through the region for decades. Thousands of men, women and children are affected each year in activities that constitute war crimes under the Geneva Conventions.
"So what's the most dangerous thing that's ever happened to you?" It's a standard question. The only one that's even more regular, and I dislike even more, is "what's your favourite place?" I guess it's a legitimate question, if you write a book called Bad Lands, travelling along George W Bush's Axis of Evil - the Iran, Iraq, North Korea trio.
A foreign London riots looter has been told by immigration judges that he can stay in Britain as deporting him would breach