Denial was an inspiration and a challenge to me on many levels. It is a reminder that when we step up and fight injustice, instead of taking the more comfortable option of 'settling', then as long as we are willing to work hard, conduct painstaking research, develop careful strategy and build a strong team, we can indeed win.
Whatever plans you have for tonight, I suggest you cancel them and instead go to see Denial at the cinema. It tells the story of how one of the leading Holocaust-deniers, David Irving, was exposed as deliberately falsifying history.
Understandably, much attention tends to focus on election winners -- to the victors go the spoils. Studying the habits of those in government seems endlessly more fascinating, revealing, and rewarding; and on a psychological level, everybody likes a winner and nobody likes a loser.
It is known that acceptance of long-term chronic illness is seen as a substantial problem in patients with chronic illnesses. Absence of acceptance can lead to clinical improvements being delayed considerably. It can also lead to poorer adherence to the current and ongoing medical treatment. They may be branded and judged by others as being in denial.
Swathes of England are underwater, thanks to rain and flooding that has been linked by the Met Office to climate change. Yet our environment secretary, of all people, is a climate change denier who ignores the science and has slashed the number of people in his department working on preparing the UK for the impacts of climate change. For how long will David Cameron continue to have confidence in Owen Paterson?
I have experienced bouts of depression since I was 13. The most astonishing thing for me, in others reception of this, is not that they react with pity, embarrassment or judgement. These three are often associated with the coming out of the closet as it were with depression. The one reaction that I have received repeatedly has been denial.
Climate change sceptics have for a long time sapped the energy and time of those of us who look at the evidence and the science.
The average woman tells nine lies a week about her eating habits with “It was only a small portion” topping the list of the