Denise Welch

Nicola Mclean and Romeo Dunn have revealed what really happened in the Celebrity Big Brother house after Benidorm star Denise
Big Brother is looking for new recruits this summer and I have been loosely toying with the idea, but then I remember that the world and his wife would see me make-up less, drunk, emotional, on the toilet, and no amount of Heat magazine exposure would ever persuade me to be that open in front of the nation's prying eyes.
After last night's spectacular fight that ripped through the Celebrity Big Brother house, the rowing housemates faced a bucket
Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon has threatened to sue Celebrity Big Brotherafter actress Denise Welch pulled down her pyjama
Anyone could see that Denise plus alcohol only ever spells trouble; or trubble in Frankie's case. Day 18 started like any other, but ended with flash backs to the infamous 'fight night' many Big Brother moons ago.
After a fairly harmonious few days in the Celebrity Big Brother house, the mother of all fights has broken out in the Elstree
The hubby of Celebrity Big Brother housemate Denise Welch has threatened to "sort out" US actor Michael Madsen if he continues
Shock of the week: Natalie Cassidy leaving the house, after the twins received a chorus of boos bigger than their own egos. Natalie hit the nail on the head by saying they are the most confident girls she has ever encountered...
Denise Welch's tears and squabbles with her Celebrity Big Brother housemates have sparked fears she is heading for a nervous
Celebrity Big Brother evictee Georgia Salpa has voiced her concerns over Denise Welch saying she is "crumbling" in the house