The decision puts the country in league with France, Austria and Belgium, which have adopted similar laws.
The statue puts the country’s ugly colonial history on display.
Americans are very likely to avoid news because it makes them upset or angry. In Denmark people rarely report that news makes them angry or upset. In Britain we lie somewhere in between
Everyone has a connection to water. It does not discriminate.
Every evening from Monday 30 October to Sunday 5 November, a fleet of private electric cars will arrive in Aarhus, Denmark to take a select group of passengers to a secret city location where they will be dropped into the science fiction world of 2097.
There has already been a lot of research worldwide on cannabis sprays and their effectiveness. Denmark will embark on trials for those with Multiple Sclerosis and three other types of patients in 2018 -- spinal cord injuries, chronic pain, Multiple Sclerosis and terminal cancer. These are the main areas where it is thought that medicinal cannabis can be effective.
Yes to fairy lights 🙌
It's. Not. Fair.
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Easy entertaining for busy people 🍴
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Complaining about the lack of sun during the summertime is a national pastime for Brits, while our love of Pimms and garden