Sooner or later, our struggle related to this trial will be over – but the wider struggle against the hostile environment must continue
The government's brutal deportations must end, and ordinary people have the power to take a stand against them
We are now in uncharted waters. The conviction of peaceful protesters on this excessive charge will send shivers down the spine of anyone who cares about the right to protest in our country.
For over a month, a church in the Netherlands has been running a 24/7 church service, to prevent an Armenian family from being deported. The Tamrazyan family have been given refuge inside the church on a residential street in the Hague. As long as they stay there, the service continues to keep them safe from the immigration authorities. They've been living in the Netherlands for nearly nine years.
In March 2017, 15 anti-deportation activists stopped a chartered plane from leaving Stansted airport. They say the plane was deporting refugees and asylum seekers back to Ghana and Nigeria.
His supporters have said his efforts to prevent similar crimes mean he should be allowed to stay.
"We won’t stand by and let British Airways use their Pride sponsorship to polish their image," campaigners have said.
Resisting deportations can buy people more time for legal appeals, giving people a chance to establish their right to stay in the UK
Department's top civil servant also admits he is 'not an expert on the immigration system'.