Deputy Prime Minister

We interviewed Nick Clegg in a small and noisy constituency office, and he bounced in the room, a bit like Tigger, and was surprising friendly, especially considering he's had a long day of meetings.
Nick Clegg has pledged to block any fresh attempts to curb immigration from the European Union, insisting "this is where
Apprenticeships are not just about the education you receive via a training organisation, or the work experience through your job, but also about developing life skills. Being involved in community projects is a great way to develop these life skills and that is why we are highlighting this to the Deputy Prime Minister.
Britain lacks a "national will" to improve its economy because people are too rich, former deputy prime minister Lord Heseltine
Nick Clegg has warned that Britain could become a "safe haven" for foreign criminals if it pulls out of the European Arrest
Ministers will pay private companies to wake teenagers in a drive to get more youngsters back to college or work, it was
Gay marriage will be pushed through however heated the debate becomes, deputy prime minister Nick Clegg warned critics of
Nick Clegg's two years in office have convinced him that Britain's establishment is "broken" and "past its sell by date". Clegg
For most of its history, this island has survived, indeed prospered, without there being a Deputy Prime Minister.
Nick Clegg has condemned proposals to make it easier for businesses to fire workers, saying he has never supported the scheme