Sustainability is a major focus at London Design Festival 2019, with many creators making thought-provoking installations placed at the event’s lead venue, the Victoria and Albert Museum. They include a giant cube with images of plastics surrounding sea creatures and a narrow room that is designed to make visitors feel trapped and confused.
The London Design Biennale is playing host to 40 countries, cities and territories, all wrestling with the theme 'Emotional States’.
The lack of focus and attention on design is deeply troubling
Just don't expect an outdoor swimming pool.
Many hotels promise guests a one-of-a-kind hospitality experience, but for the most part, they tend to offer the same standard fare. 
From converted airplanes, trains and silos to ice caves and giant animals, these hotels are pretty special.
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The annual Design Indaba MBOISA award nominees have been announced, and they're spectacular.
Constant notifications remind us that life is happening somewhere else. And we're at the mercy of unregulated content creators, shaping our worldview with everything from political outrage and fake news, to unrealistic body-image and lifestyle comparisons.
Science is a tool, which has been used to help commercial industries become more effective and productive. Its influence is everywhere from engineering, manufacturing, technology to athletics. Catapulting each industry to a higher realm of thinking as well as innovation.