High tech homes are not just those with the most gadgets. The high tech home of 2012 is sustainable and allows gadgets and
The railway arch is enjoying something of a renaissance. Far from being a glorified cupboard, it now has more uses than probably any single piece of architecture out there.
Whilst I often like Nikes I see in stores, they never really grabbed me until the Nike X Liberty collaborations, fusing sports technology with heritage print fabrics from London's iconic department store. I'm sold.
According to latest predictions by the U.N., by 2050, two-thirds of the world population will live in cities. By then, the world's population will have risen by 30 percent to nine billion.
Automobiles, like clothes, are not meant to sit unused. A vintage dress shouldn't hang, under dust covers, in a wardrobe and a vintage car shouldn't sit, under dust covers, in a garage.
Huge sign-up statistics aside, Pinterest is more than a new trend in social networking; it reflects the changing current of media, as users move even further from print to digital. Despite rapid developments in the ease of e-book readers and the intuitive fluidity of the iPad, the gap between the printed page and the flickering screen is still ever-present.
The Prince of Wales has criticised modern buildings for their "fashionable" designs which quickly date and the "environmentally
Behind a clouded glass facade on St Martins Lane lies The Front Room. This small, clean space has been the site of's
It's a well known fact that there are not enough women working in the technology and design industries today. Women only make up 12% of the workforce, and only 5% of board members at FTSE listed companies are women.
RE, a hard-to-pin-down 'found object', vintage and recycled design company, first pricked my interest as they're based in the tiny, picturesque village of Corbridge, Northumberland, where my mum (and former Sunderland manager, Steve Bruce) is from.