If kitchens are the heart of the home then the living room is it's engine. This is a space that is part work, part rest and part play needing to be both a private space to connect with family and a public place to entertain friends.
James Dyson is set to announce a new technology on Wednesday, 14th of September. Could it be a sustainable cardboard vacuum
While Osborne calls for a 'march of the makers', Gove considers dropping Design and Technology - the font of modern making - from the national curriculum. Inspirational design and technology lessons nurture problem solvers - people with the good ideas to be developed and exported.
Design firm Dyson is set to unveil a new product on September 14th, marking the company’s first product launch since the
Finland has long maintained a high profile in the world of international design. Spend a day wandering the streets of the capital, Helsinki and you'll soon see why.
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From Armani, to Versace and every label in between, Lady Gaga has a whole host of couture in her closet - but the singer
As the global news media shifts from pulp to digital, cries of "Stop the press!" seem destined to fade into golden, halcyon
Have you ever wanted to give your home a bit of a makeover, but despite lots of good ideas, didn't know where to start? Well