There is a lot of emphasis now on body positivity, I for sure struggled with that my whole life. When I look back at photos of when I was 16 I feel so sorry for that girl, so much time spent thinking I was fat; I wish I was that 'fat' now.
Here are some meal suggestions that you can knock up just from what you'll already have lying around. They're yours for free! All I ask is that if you make one of them, perhaps for your family, you then hold hands and saying "For this, James Moran, we are truly grateful". Perhaps you could refer to me as "the master of our tongues, O mighty Lord of Flavour!". 
The thing is, I don't care about your cat. I don't find it cute. I don't find other stuff about cats cute either. I don't really want to know what you've had for dinner either. I also don't want to know that you miss your poor old Mum and I really don't want to know about the fact that you've got a sore throat.
So I'd like to introduce Mr Osborne to few people: Shaun Pilkington shot himself after his Employment and Support Allowance
Brilliant American comedian Louis CK doesn't let his children have smartphones - and he has a damn good reason. Listen in