detox cleanse

After seven days of sun, sea, sand, yoga, massage, sauna, "mild juices", clear broth and water-based irrigation, I hope to emerge looking considerably less like someone who has spent the last two years bouncing like a pinball between rage, fear and anxiety.
Arriving in Koh Samui, I was greeted by a friendly Absolute Sanctuary driver and taken to this healthy hideaway, located in a quiet part of the Island. Absolute Sanctuary is Thailand's premier detox and yoga resort and just five minutes from the airport, a stunning Moroccan-inspired boutique resort for those seeking a holiday to rejuvenate, unwind and lead a healthy lifestyle.
There are many spas on Koh Samui Island, but none that are as sophisticated and unique as Kamalaya. This is one seriously good spa holiday, guest teachers and practitioners fly in from all over the world and the therapists are world class.