Co-founded by Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, Dweller festival aims to give Black electronic artists a platform. Hutchinson says it’s a way of reconnecting with dance music’s Black roots and providing opportunities for Black DJs and producers. Prior to starting Dweller Frankie co-founded Discwoman, a booking agency that aimed to counter gender disparity in the music industry.
Donald Trump wanted his supporters to "go into the polls and watch very carefully" in Democratic cities. Here's how that played out in Detroit.
"What do you mean she's breathing?" the woman's stunned mother asked officials, hours after she was told her daughter had died.
Family, friends and fans gathered at Detroit's Greater Grace Temple, to say goodbye to singing legend, Aretha Franklin.
Detroit: Become Human is a game that will stay with you for days.
Detroit: Become Human is a game that will stay with you for days.
“Work hard, stay bumble” is their nonprofit motto.
Bright Flash And Loud Boom Ignite Meteor Speculation In Great Lakes Region
Courtesy of Sahiyo Aarefa Johari, Insia Dariwala and Shaheeda Tavawalla-Kirtane representing Sahiyo at a Womens Day event
A Florida protest turned violent Friday as activists gathered in Jacksonville, New York, Philadelphia, Newark, Chicago, Detroit